Randy Caparoso: The Heart of Block122

Randy_CaparosoBlock122 would like to give a special thanks to Randy Caparoso, who has selflessly devoted months of his time to our efforts. Randy has done everything from waking up before the sun, to herding slightly inebriated Block122 founders out of wineries so that they don’t steal the vineyard dog. He has been a constant source of knowledge, resources and friendship throughout the building of Block122. The wine industry can be a difficult to navigate–or really know where to begin–but with Randy’s introductions we have experienced open arms around the California wine community whether it be in Santa Barbara, Arroyo Seco or Mendocino. No matter where we have traveled Randy’s reputation and generosity has opened a thousand doors for us, and continues to do so. It is people like him, with a constant dedication to educating and raising the level of conversation about wine, that make our industry here in California so unique.

During the founding of Block122, we have met a so many of growers and winemakers and each one has expressed gratitude towards Randy. He is an institution throughout the industry. Winemakers will call Randy to ask if he knows of any one growing an abstract Portuguese varietal, and sure enough Randy will. He will then take time to connect the winemaker to the grower without expecting a thing in return, because all he really wants is to taste that bottle of wine. The wine is the reward, and that is Randy’s art.

We have assigned Randy numerous monikers throughout our adventures: our tour guide, our hero, our teacher, our fearless leader. But we are most proud to call Randy our friend.

Read Randy’s blog at http://randycaparoso.blogspot.com/


About Block122

Block122 is a unique virtual wine store with a strong educational focus. Our motto is: “No Snobbery. No Robbery.” We share down-to-earth, industry expert reviews and in-depth articles on every wine we sell, as well as a video webseries that provides an insightful glimpse into the California wine industry. Even better, we can offer direct access to some of the best and most highly allocated wines on the West Coast – the hidden gems that are rarely found on the Web or in most wine shops. The California wine industry is abundant in its affordable treasures… We truly believe that it doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg to drink fantastic wine.
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  1. Randy Caparoso
    Randy Caparoso says:

    All I see is a picture of someone who’s having too good a time… glad to know the Block 122 crew!

  2. Greg Baiocchi
    Greg Baiocchi says:

    Randy’s Passion and insight is incredible. We our honored to have him covering baiocchi wines for The Tasting Panel Magazine.

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